National Nuclear Safety Administration

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    • MEP/NCNROS promoting the implementation of Nuclear Safety Act in design entities by learning thoroughly2018-04-21

      As required by the MEP and arranged by the MEP/NCNROS, in combination with annual comprehensive inspection, the MEP/NCNROS launched, on 16 April 2018, the activity of dissemination and implementation of Nuclear Safety Act at Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute. There are about 80 key staffs in various departments of the Institute taking part in this activity.

    • MEP/NECNROS-initiated Nuclear Safety Act knowledge contest2018-04-21

      To implement the requirements of the Working Plan on Nuclear Safety Act Implementation Year put forward by Ministry of Ecology and Environment of People’s Republic of China, in combination with Implementing the “4.15 National Security Education Day” campaign, the MEP/NECNROS hold a knowledge contest activity on Nuclear Safety Act at Hongyanhe NPP in Liaoning province on 19 April this year. Entitled with fully implementing the Nuclear Safety Act to protect ecology and environment, protect people’s health and safeguard the national security, the six teams consisting of nearly 200 representatives from the MEP/NECNROS, Hongyanhe NPP and Xudapu NPP located in Liaoning province participated in the contest activity.

    • Scrutiny report by MEP/SCNROS on Y302 Refueling at Yangjiang NPP Unit 32018-04-21

      For further implementation of the Notice on Further Playing the Role of Regional Regulatory Oversight Station GHA (2018-1) and making an effective oversight over normal refueling overhaul at nuclear facilities, from April 18 to 20, 2018, the MEP/SCNROS organized a Special Overhaul Project Team (SOPT) to make a scrutiny of the Report of Y302 Refueling for Yangjiang NPP Unit 3. Meanwhile at the same time, the SOPT has made discussions of how to improve the report template with a view to making better specification of overhaul operations.


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