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MEP/NCNROS initiating National Security Education Day campaign

2018-04-20 15:20:00

15 April in this year is the 3rd anniversary of National Security Education Day. The MEP/NCNROS has initiated the National Security Education Day campaign with emphasis on the relevant national laws and regulations such as National Security Act and Nuclear safety Act. This is aimed to implement the overall concept of national security, fulfill the major deployment and requirements of the state security work and popularize the nuclear safety knowledge for the public in the region.

Nuclear safety is an important part of national security, involving homeland security, people's health, social stability, economic development and power status.

Guaranteeing nuclear safety plays an important role in political security, homeland security, military security, economic security, social security, ecological security, and resource safety. From on 1 January, 2018, our country’s Nuclear Safety Act came into force, which will promote the expansion of nuclear energy use and play an important role in ensuring nuclear safety in China.

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