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Scrutiny report by MEP/SCNROS on Y302 Refueling at Yangjiang NPP Unit 3

2018-04-21 14:13:00

For further implementation of the Notice on Further Playing the Role of Regional Regulatory Oversight Station GHA (2018-1) and making an effective oversight over normal refueling overhaul at nuclear facilities, from April 18 to 20, 2018, the MEP/SCNROS organized a Special Overhaul Project Team (SOPT) to make a scrutiny of the Report of Y302 Refueling for Yangjiang NPP Unit 3. Meanwhile at the same time, the SOPT has made discussions of how to improve the report template with a view to making better specification of overhaul operations.

The SOPT dispatched the specially-assigned persons to carry out the scrutiny and discussion of the reporting form of Y302 Refueling Report, periodic tests, preventive maintenance contents, modification significant to safety, the problems arising from previous overhaul and routine operation and then provides the list of problems reviewed.

Subsequently, the SOPT discussed the report template of the Y302 Refueling Report, based on the situations reflected the ongoing oversight and the related experience feedback. The additional input was increased on the reactor first critical control point and more adaptive modification was made to produce a new template for overhaul oversight report, thus, providing a good basis for the specification of overhaul oversight actions by the MEP/SCNROS.

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