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MEP/NCNROS promoting the implementation of Nuclear Safety Act in design entities by learning thoroughly

2018-04-21 15:16:00

As required by the MEP and arranged by the MEP/NCNROS, in combination with annual comprehensive inspection, the MEP/NCNROS launched, on 16 April 2018, the activity of dissemination and implementation of Nuclear Safety Act at Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute. There are about 80 key staffs in various departments of the Institute taking part in this activity.

To further enrich its content, this activity was implemented in three parts, which included the interpretation and understanding of the Nuclear Safety Act, suggestions and recommendations on nuclear safety culture building in the sector of nuclear equipment safety, and typical case study discovered in oversight and inspection. The first part clarified the significance and Legislative background, described the major content and basic structure, pointed out the stakeholders’ rights and responsibilities/liabilities and put forward the suggestions and recommendations of how to implement the Act. The second part illustrated the embodiments of Nuclear Safety Policy Statement and Nuclear Safety Culture Features, presented the results achieved by the MEP/NCNROS in carrying out evaluation of nuclear safety culture, and described the continued work schedules for joint education and evaluation of nuclear safety culture.

The third part described the oversight and inspection of nuclear safety equipment design by means of typical cases, presenting the requirements of nuclear safety laws and regulations and the connotation of nuclear safety culture in a more lively manner. Meanwhile, suggestions and demonstrations were made in response to the requirements of Nuclear Safety Act with regard to nuclear safety culture building and experience feedback.

Nuclear Safety is an important part of national security and the lifeline of nuclear expansion. The Nuclear Safety Act, that has been issued and come into force, put forward the countermeasures and initiatives in respond to the unbalanced and inadequate situations existing in nuclear safety management. This is the legal guarantee for the lasting security and health development of nuclear sector. The dissemination and implementation of Nuclear Safety placing focus on the design entities will lead to that these entities play a leading role and pay attention to nuclear safety at the beginning.

This activity achieved the desired effect, which has accumulated a wider range of experiences.

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